12 Freestyle Bike Tricks at Miller Motor Sports Park Utah 5050Bmx Bike Tricks

put on a great show for the people who attended the World Super Bike Races in Tooele Utah. A skilled group of BMX riders tricking out a mobile Park Style ramp.

0:03 Air Nothing
0:10 360 Tail whip, with slow motion replay.
0:35 Noise tap
0:45 Double Tail-whip
1:00 Double Footed Can-Can One Hander
1:10 No Hands Back-flip, with slow motion replay
1:35 Bucket Air
1:50 360 Tail Whip
2:03 No Hands Big Air Something
2:12 Nose Dive 360
2:20 360 One Handed
2:35 Big Back-Flip

Not a bad show.

Another great example of Sports Style Marketing.

Address: 1485 W Hill Field Rd #205, Layton, UT 84041
Phone: (801) 546-2691

Recorded With: Apitek 720p Hand Held Camcorder.
Edited with Sony Vegas Pro

Created By Icarus Windjammer