1949 Indian Papoose | The Classic and Antique Folding Motorcycle

The Indian Papoose is a small folding motorcycle based on the Welbike. The 1949 Indian Papoose inspired by this miniature motorcycle was made available for public purchase in the United States.

Now, this 98cc two stroke Kickstart Papoose was recently sold through Mecum Auctions. It’s a folding motorcycle that still boasts the original tubular steel frame and the Excelsior Spryt motor. The Papoose also proudly gets up to 120 miles per gallon fuel economy, features a top speed of 35 miles per hour, a weight of 95 pounds, and can carry riders up to 200 pounds. Not winning any races anytime soon, but the bike would definitely make for an enjoyable cruise through the countryside.

Created By Auto Mania