2019 Cyrusher Sports XF660 500Watt and 1000Watt Fat Tire Electric Bike Sand and Off Road Reviews

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In this vdieo, we have just make the basic compares between 500Watt and 1000Watt.

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The updated Features:

1: Adjustable Handlebar. You can adjust the handlebar height and angle according your height and needs easily and accordingly. And there is no back and wrist hurt and painful while you have a long time and distance cycling.

2: Stable battery supply. The 500 watt version has updated the its battery connection and switch parts from the bottom part to the side part which give more sustainable power supply when you riding on the curved roads conditions such as Sand, Off and Snow roads.

3. Stronger Motor. Motor is like the heart of the human. And we have just upgraded motor to CZJB 48V 500Watt or 1000Watt Brushless Motor which give durable and turbo assistant when you needs.

4. Larger Battery Capacity. The XF660 1000 Watt Fat Tire ebike owns 48V 16ah-17ah LG/ Samsung/ Panasonic brand cells battery which single trip can be up to 30KM-50KMs by throttle system only. Besides, it is removable and also can support for the mobile devices recharging such as cellphone, GPS, Bike computer, etc.

5. Double Power off Braking System. Regular electric bike braking system only has one single side brake system which is easy to loose after few months use and cause cycling accidents. Our updated XF660 fat tire electric bikes have Double Power Off Side Braking System which gives you more power to control your cycling on road.

6. Larger and Comfortable Seat. The old version XF660 Fat Tire Electric Bike only has race model mountain saddle which causes painful for long distance riders but now we have updated to new fat and larger professional fat tire electric mountain bike seat and this will definitely easy and comfort your cycling in the future.

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