$2,500 VS $10,000 Road Bike | What's behind a $7,500 Difference?

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What is the difference between a $10,000 USD superbike with the latest Shimano Electronic Groupset and 50mm carbon wheels and its younger brother with Shimano105 mechanical, and alloy wheels? A cheaper version, essentially.

The Specialized Tamac S-Works, the S-Works Venge, Allez Sprint and now the Tarmac Comp. I’ve ridden them all recently. Additionally, I have ridden the Cervelo S5, the Curve Cycling Belgie Air, the Giant Defy, the Trek Madone, and of course my current Chapter2.

Having the opportunity to test ride so many road bikes, I thought I would put together a video specifically relating to what an extra $7,500 USD actually buys a cyclist.

Now the problem with comparing a number of road bikes, is that either have different materials – such as titanium, steel, carbon fibre, aluminium – and many have different geometries so suit different riding styles.

That is why for this review, I am comparing two bikes from the same family. We will discuss:

Framesets, with a focus of the tarmac S-Works 12r VS the Sport 9r
Wheels, with a focus on the Roval CLX 50s vs the DT Swiss wheels
Groupsets , with a force on Shimano Electronic Dura-Ace VS Shimano 105 mechanical

I will touch on riding experiences, such as sprinting, climbing, bunch riding, criterium racing and general riding withfriends.
Cycling the length of New Zealand:
Mechanical VS Electronic:
105 Vs Dura Ace Vs Ultegra:

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Weight formula: NOT INCLUDED -(I took out a 56cm with Ultegra, not 105. I did have my pedals on the bike when we weighed it, but if I subtract 220 grams for that and compare it to a 56cm Tarmac S-Works at 6.69 kgs

It was 8.34 kgs (less 220 grams) for pedals we have: 8.12 kgs vs a 56cm Tarmac S-Works complete bike one frame size up at 6.69 kgs – the difference is 1.43 kgs or 3.1 pounds.)

Created By Cam Nicholls