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There are over 60 electric scooters on sale in India, but the Ather S450 might just be the king of them all. It may cost a king’s ransom, too, but here is what is on offer: a 75km riding range, a colour touchscreen instead of an instrument cluster, Bluetooth connectivity, OTA updates, diagnostics that can be run via your phone (and the app), a top speed of 80kmph, front and rear disc brakes, a ‘reverse gear’, and the ability to charge to 80 per cent in 60 minutes.

Ather has launched the S450 only in Bengaluru for now, because they aim to set up charging infrastructure along with the sales of the product. Their aim for The Garden City is to have a charging station within 4km of any point in the city.

There is no real competition for the Ather S450, although the Okinawa Praise is something worth considering for anyone outside of Bengaluru.
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