Bafang Mid-Drive Electric Bicycle – maiden voyage

Maiden voyage of my custom mid-drive eBike build using the Bafang BBS-02 750W motor, the NuVinci n360 hub and a 48V 10AH LiFePO4 battery all on an alloy Diamondback frame.

Initial impressions were very good! The motor has plenty of pep and the battery is rock solid. I rode for 5 miles without denting it at all. It still showed as ‘full’ on the readout. In addition the motor is VERY quiet. I can barely hear it while trail riding in a quiet setting. I don’t think that people riding next to me can even hear it. So that’s really nice.

One thing I will say is that there’s a bit of a learning curve shifting the NuVinci. It doesn’t like to shift under a load. So with pedal-assist on, you can’t shift and pedal at the same time. I found myself tapping the brake lever to kill the motor (but not enough to actually brake) when shifting. Once I trained myself to do that, shifting became cake…

All in all, I’m extremely happy with this project. I now have a working electric bicycle and I’m looking forward to seeing exactly what it is capable of.

So far I am impressed!

Created By Charles Werbick

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Bafang Mid-Drive Electric Bicycle - maiden voyage
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