Bashing & Jumping RC Traxxas Brushless E-Maxx at BMX Park Huge Jumps Big Air

Just some bashing from April 2011 at the BMX park in Arlington TX. Recorded on an iPhone 4 (for those of you who are interested in its quality.)

Modz on this truck include:
Hitec 7950TH @ 403 oz-in Steering Servo (1 only)
72t Spur & 11t RRP Hardened Steel Pinion
Traxxas 2 Speed Conversion w/ Wide Ratio Gear set Installed.
Overall Gear Reduction Ratio is 95:1 (per 95 motor turns = 1 tire turn)
Integy SHD (Super Heavy Duty Upper & Lower A-Arms
Integy MSR8 Shocks w/80wt & Red Medium Springs.
Integy Evo-5 Shock Towers
Integy Titanium Front & Rear Skid
Integy Alum. Full Length Center Skid
Pro-Line 40 Series 3.8″ Tires Mounted On Tech 5 Black Rims w/17mm Hubs.
Traxxas CVD’s Front & Rear
RPM Axle Carriers w/New Oversized Bearings (Front & Rear)
Traxxas Red Alum Tie Rods (Front & Rear)
Integy Spool Front & Rear to Lock Diffs (Tapped to use 3mm Screws)
RRP Ring & Pinion (Front & Rear)
Integy Aluminum Diff Housing (Front)
Lunsford Titanium Hinge Pins
Integy Hard Anodized Bulkheads (Rear)
Golden Horizons Alum Bulkhead Braces.
6S LiPo 5400Mah 20C (2x3S Venom Packs)

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Created By M0DiFiEDZ