Best Power Road Video 2013 with Fast Cyclone Electric e Bike Kit 5000 Watt 48 Volt

These are the Best Pieces of 2013 Road Videos with my Cyclone electric bike kit. I had gone to some works outdoor and traveling in the centre of Athens Greece. With the Green power of the double 48volts*50A (continuous discharge + or -) = 2400 watt on each motor of Cyclone, rides in the centre and out of Athens had been made a hobby. The lifepo4 battery of nominal 48 volts and 53,5 +- volts (balanced) of 12 Ah have made me save a lot of money from the daily distances I drove.
Off course if I wanted to go out of the range – distance that one battery gave me, I just had to take and the second battery. Most times because of the full throttle I like very much I had to take and the second battery with me.
The 3 full HD cameras and the city of Athens in Greece will make you enjoy this video. Music was given free from and the pieces are called Magic_Marker from “Silent Partner” and Garage from “Topher Mohr and Alex Elena”.
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I think that maybe I have forgotten some nice pieces of videos I am having. Cutting and cutting the videos make me realize that I should finish a little faster. I hope you will enjoy the result.

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Created By george kontopoulos