BIKEfun一體式摺疊轉把 Light-weight Folding Lever for brompton

[新品發表] BIKEfun一體式摺疊轉把,開啟你的brompton改裝之門!

BIKEfun Light-weight Folding Lever

2 Colors: Black / Coppery (No Silver)
Weight: 41g/pair (Ridea 66g) (Ti-parts 40g)
Material: Aluminum

Made from one piece of aluminum.
Do not need a screw to assemble different parts.
Hollowed long and short lever combines light weight and good modulation.
The whole lever is made of aluminum includes the threads.
Not only strong enough for folding but also friendly to the steel frame.
Fits perfect with BIKEfun hinge clamp and pulling device.

Price: 1,400 TWD/pair

Created By BIKEfun Taiwan