Bompton ride into London – weaving through huge traffic jams

Riding into London on my Brompton folding bicycle (a distance of 21km) through some of the worst traffic jams I have seen in London (Rotherhithe tunnel being closed did not help).

Traffic jam on my side of the road starts at 44 minutes into the video.

I recommend watching the video at speed x2 for more excitement if you need it.

The event I was riding to was unfortunately cancelled after I had set off riding and I didn’t find out until I arrived. So, I just got on the Brompton and cycled home again. Unfortunately the weather became colder and very wet (sleet filled rain) and my feet were frozen by the time I got home.

As I only had a bit of battery life left in the GoPro after the ride in, I only recorded the last 10 minutes of the ride home but you can see how wet it was all the way home from that clip.

Created By John Stevenson