Buying your first XC Mountain Bike for Beginners #2 seat saddle height

So you have just started mountain biking or are about to and would like some helpful tips to get you going?
If you haven’t already seen my primer video on the subject, I suggest you check it out:
“Buying your first Mountain Bike for Beginners, N00bs, and Newbies”

First is seat or saddle height. The proper height is where your leg is fully extended on the down peddle. This means that with your rump on the seat, you are likely unable to touch the ground with your toes. If you are downhill biking, then a lower seat is preferable.
However, since you are a beginner, high seat is not the best position to start off with. Set the height at the highest you can still keep the bike upright without being in motion. This will help you when you have those sudden stops and you need to keep yourself from falling off the bike.
However, there is a downside, with the seat lower, your legs will work much harder for the peddle motion. Essentially, when the seat is high, the peddle motion is close to walking. When the seat is low, the peddle motion it closer to squats.
Saddle position is next. Using the adjustment bracket, start with the saddle level with the horizon. Make sure your butt bones are centered on the two cushioned area. You may need to adjust this 3 or 4 times before you get it right.
Now, make sure that when riding in the standing position, you can drop behind the seat. When going downhill or on a drop, the most common mistake is leaning forward. This is a guarantee you will go over the handlebars. The proper method is to shift your weight to the rear tire. If your seat is too wide, look into something thinner.
If you are a dude, you may have some groin pain. The best solution for this is a saddle with a special grove for the man parts. For more information about these types of seats, please check out this video, link in the description.

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Buying your first XC Mountain Bike for Beginners #2 seat saddle height
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