Dabi News – MOTO POGO – one-wheeled electric Motorcycle

It wasn’t too long ago that we were all amazed by the introduction of the Segway – How can a vehicle with just two side-by-side wheels stay upright? we wondered. Since then, however, contraptions such as the Solowheel and OneWheel have shown that even a single wheel will work. The SBU and U3-X added a seat but took away the handlebars from the concept, while the Ryno has both a seat and bars. Now, Montreal-based entrepreneur Carl Dagenais is throwing his hat in the one-wheeled-scooter ring, with the Moto Pogo.Like the Ryno, the Moto Pogo really does look like a single-wheeled motorcycle. The Uno also looks like one, although it actually has two wheels.
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Dabi News -  MOTO POGO - one-wheeled electric Motorcycle
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