Electric Bicycle Build

This is the very first electric bike build we had put together late last year. In an upcoming video we will break down how you can take an existing bike and convert it to electric power, for as cheaply as possible. There’s a new wave of electric vehicles coming out and these particular bikes could possibly be just as popular as last years hoover boards, but without the common malfunctions associated with the latter. But don’t expect to pay 1,500-3,000 dollars for a new factory made e-bike, when you can put together a custom build for pennies on the dollar. Please stay tuned as we take a new bike from Walmart and convert it to electric in one Saturday afternoon. We will also provide links to the different parts used for the build in a future post. So now I hope your as excited as I am, to be able to save your hard earned cash as we venture together forward and DIY daily.

Created By Obsuna & Company