Electric Hunting Bike | Checking Trail Cameras

In this video I take you on a ride on my Electric Fat Tire Bike for Hunting that I use in the woods. This electric fat tire bike does really well in mud and snow. We only had a couple of inches of snow during this video but it was very cold and slick. The fat tire bike is great for hunting and and I take you on a trip here to check some trail cameras.

The electric fat tire bike is very handy for getting around the woods quietly and great for getting into the woods quickly to check trail cameras. This electric bike that I use for hunting has been a game changer for me and allows to get in places quickly when I do not have much time. It remains quiet and the electric fat tire bike does not leave much ground scent.

Camera Gear I Use:
Canon 80D

Canon G7X Mark II:



Thanks for watching!

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Created By HoosierHunter