Electric Mountain Bike High Torque, Speed 80mph by dual 2400 Watt 48V Cyclone electric ebike Kit

Powerful beast Cyclone e-bike kit with high torque and a 80mph+ (110km/h+) top speed.
The green power comes from 2 electric motors of 2400w which powered with continuous discahrge 100A at 48V by one lifepo4 battery 11.5Ah which can be charged in 4.5 hours.
In this video you can see the power with the speed and how easy this bike past other vehicles in the centre of Athens, Greece.
The mountain bicycle is a Giant Anthem X3 Dual Suspension.
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Best video, 2 Full HD cameras, one on the front suspension and one more on the bike will make you believe that you are driving. You can see all the ride and also the 48V 4800w to work in HD video.
The video is dedicated to cyclone-tw for their hard and best work with their electric motor kits.

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Created By george kontopoulos