Enjoy the Ride with Coolest 😎 Folding Electric Bike Cyruher XF590

Early Birds Access:

An easy to use and carry foldable electric city bike featuring a 48v Battery and a 20” rear rim 750W Turbo motor with a max 22MPH speed

An e-Bike Dream Come True in different Features

●48v 10ah Panasonic removable Battery
●22 MPH Max Speed
●Single charge Ride for 40 Miles
●750W High-speed Turbo Motor
●Full damping frame, suitable for various road conditions
●Folding, convenient storage

A Great e-Bike is Based in Precious Tiny Details

●Comfortable: Ergonomic Gel Seat
●Stylish: Moped-Like Design
●Finishing: Filmless cut paint
●Smart: M5 bike computer, advanced LCD display screen
●Safe: Shenzhou Flying Arrow 021 Headlight
●Xtra Safe: Curtis Taillight (with direction/braking function)
with horn, headlight, brake light, turn signal, visual operation

Like Riding a Green Motorcycle That You Can Carry

That’s the XF590. It gives you the feeling of freedom and power that a motorcycle would give you, and it pretty much looks like one… but this is a foldable e-bike that is not only environmentally friendly, it’s also extremely compact, lightweight and easy to carry and take anywhere. Best of both worlds? You bet!

Not Too Big, Not Too Small

That’s how you want it, right? An e-bike that’s big enough to accommodate riders from 5’3″ to 6’2″ and which stays compact enough to be easy to fold as well as to assemble. The XF590 is perfectly sized for all your needs and it’s not just an urban queen of the roads.

Cruisin’ Everywhere

That’s right: the XF590 features 3 spoke mountain bike rims that are perfectly suited for all terrains: whether you’re cruising on concrete, off-roading on dirt roads, or even riding in sand or snow, this is the e-bike that doesn’t fail you!




Created By Cyrusher