EW-36 / GT3 Electric Bike MPH Mobility Scooter – Worlds Fastest Mobility Scooter

GT-3 is the Worlds Fastest Mobility Scooter designed for the not so old driver that does not want to feel like they are driving a “Disabled Persons Chair”.

Please recognize that this video was made in 2009 and the price went up to $1999 in 2013. Call for daily specials at 855-528-2539.

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The GT-3 has 4 large batteries (20 amps each) and an All-In-1 rear end differential with motor just like the ones found in high priced mobility scooters. Item is In Stock & Ready To Ship. Rear wheelie bars are included. This mobility moped scooter is capable of riding a wheelie in excess of 65 feet (Speed control knob is included to reduce max speed to as low as 2 MPH for drivers that do not want to travel fast.) The GT-3 is classified as a power chair or mobility scooter even though it can cruise at speeds over 15+ MPH and is legal everywhere including Canada. You don’t need to be old or disabled to drive this machine around.
GT-3 Electric Bike is a 3 Wheel High-Power Mobility Scooter using a 1-piece mobility Electric motor / rear axle and differential unit. At full power the GT-3 can get up to 15+ MPH, easily the fastest mobility scooter on the market! And for those faint at heart a speed control unit can be used. Also included are a reverse gear, arm rests and a stylish cargo rack. Extra storage under the seat as well. With the rising gas prices these days Electric modes of transportation are becoming an ever more affordable necessity versus traditional transportation.
Note* This mobility scooter is fast. It will ride a wheelie if the speed knob is turned up to maximum. The owner / driver should be capable of driving a high powered scooter before attempting to operate this machine and to answer a frequently asked question: This machine rides like a motorcycle but the 3 wheels allow it to never tip over.

Created By Robert Remitz