So for today’s VLOG, I would like to apologize for my rookie mistake of filming in portrait instead of landscape mode. Won’t happen again!

Back to it, I started my day at Tip Plus in Long Beach, CA, then shot over to the Agenda Street/Action Sportswear tradeshow, then zipped to Downtown LA for a meeting with Heather from our MCN, XTreme Video. Once we wrapped up there, I headed to Alondra, CA to meet with John Hicks and Grant Germain, to discover the painful news that I had been filming all wrong. We got some clips, we shared some laughs then I headed home to wrap up and edit this here Vlog.

Hope you liked it!

For todays Vlog I had to cover for Nate Richter at the ONSOMESHIT

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As always, thanks guys!

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Created By Alfredo Mancuso