#Gamma #SS200: Part 3 #Batangas #Road #Trip 609 KM March 11 v v

#SS200 gamma, in action long range motor biking, bunking from cavite round to batangas city and its provinces vice versa it was an awesome riding
the bike, when it comes to speed and endurance the bike is monster and runs the road perfectly don’t believe to what others say or gossip or murmur
about #rusi gamma ss200 those guys are absolutely wrong those guys whose lots of complains about the bike are out of
touch with reality they are and were not a rider or a biker but a pretencious foolish dude.

The machine is awesome works on the road amazingly kindly watch the full video the real time action of rusi gamma ss200,
having such beautiful bike can really be proud of, use the bike to satisfy and pleasure your needs love them as you did to your self.

Note: always check your bike before taking the road be safe.

Enjoy your watching!

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