GoPro Hero 7 Black – Mountain Biking in Valkenburg, Netherlands 🇳🇱 | Part 1

Vlog 6 of my PhD journey. This video is unedited and shot without a Gimbal in Valkenburg while going to Valkenburg city centre using a GoPro Hero 7 Black at 1080p 60fps with hypersmooth stabilization while riding a mountain bike in Netherlands. Due to the unedited nature of the video, it is noisy as it is always windy in the Netherlands! It was recorded in 16:9 Superview mode. GoPro is attached by a body mount.

Will attach the link for the unboxing and how to fix common problems using this GoPro soon! Subscribe to see this!

I am not sponsored by GoPro for making this video and any links below are not affiliate links for buying GoPro Hero 7 black. I am a creator in YouTube who likes to make videos talking about his weekly experience during a PhD. I certainly liked the quality of the hypersmooth stabilization offered by this latest GoPro! I paid 429 Eur to buy this.

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