GoPro Urban Assault Series BMX and Dirt Jumper BIKE RIDING in SAN DIEGO 2

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GoPro BMX and Dirt Jumper Bike Riding in Downtown San Diego Urban Assault Series 2. We ride bikes in sunny San Diego, jumping and bunny hopping on stuff, wheeling, weaving through traffic and dodging humans and cars. I ride BMX, but all other bikes are welcome if you wanna join the ride!

What’s up guys! This is your girl RC!

I’m so excited to announce this new series I’m bringing to my YouTube Channel. I have always gone on urban rides with the guys and filmed some, but never uploaded them to my channel, only on my Instagram and Facebook accounts, so why not start now here? Let’s start a new series in which I will be featuring different riders and different scenes on a weekly basis or as often as we go riding. This is video #2.

In the Urban Assault Series you will see that rules sometimes are meant to be broken, so kids please don’t ride like this, don’t try this at home. We are experienced riders and we’ve been doing this for a while now. This is for entertaining purposes only.

If you wanna join us on our next ride this Sunday then HMU and we’ll coordinate. Always a blast and you ride with us at your own risk!

Thank you so much for your support and for being part of the family! Stay tuned for some more exciting videos coming up. Much love!


Created By Rocío RC Colón

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GoPro Urban Assault Series BMX and Dirt Jumper BIKE RIDING in SAN DIEGO 2
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