After relaxation on lock down in Bangalore, we saw some of the businesses opened up for customers and we too opportunity to buy a ROCKRIDER ST100 Mountain bike to my son which was long awaiting for him. Let me know how do you feel about this video and hit a like button and subscribe too!!

Decathlon :
THIS ROCKRIDER ST100 HAS A HISTORY This mountain bike was fully designed and developed at the B’Twin Village (Lille, France) and is the brainchild of an expert team of mountain bike enthusiasts. To best meet the need for comfort and ease expressed by beginner mountain bikers, the team created, designed, and tested the ST100, involving riders at every stage of the project. Whether you’re heading out alone, with friends or family, the fun of riding the ST100 mountain bike has been approved by users!
A UNISEX MOUNTAIN BIKE The ST100 mountain bike is suitable for both men and women. Carefully designed down to the smallest detail, with a noticeable slope on the top tube, with a wide range of sizes (XS: 1.45m to XL: 2.00m), the CGF frame of the ST100 is light, comfortable, and very versatile. To make the most of the improved comfort, the women of the Rockrider team recommend the 500 Women’s Sport saddle that is adapted to women’s morphology.
A LIGHT, COMFORTABLE, FUN FRAME Because we’ve noticed that it’s not always easy to get the right position on a mountain bike, our designers have created an entirely new frame that’s easy to get onto for both men and women. The CGF frame (Comfort Geometry Frame) is 100% aluminium for optimal comfort and excellent manoeuvrability. The slope angle has been designed to keep your back straight whilst the low rear ensures the bike is very agile when turning.
FRONT SUSPENSION FOR CUSHIONING LUMPS AND BUMPS The Suntour XCT 80mm front suspension is designed for slightly uneven trails and helps you overcome your first obstacles with no worries. Its design, based on a mechanical spring, is reliable and easy to maintain. You can also easily adjust the stiffness using a dial.

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