Handwarmers S04E01: Winter Cycling, Using handwarmers and pogies on your bike.

Disclaimer: There are two types of “Bar Mitts”. The first you need when you go out for a night on the town in Montana or Alberta in the winter. The second are for when you go for a ride on you bike in Montana or Alberta, especially when you ride your bike to somewhere like The Rusty Spur Saloon.

First episode in our liquid fuel handwarmer series for the 2020 season focusing on the second type. With the advent of bike racks on every corner, overpriced bike locks with GPS, Bluetooth, and WiFi, and studded tires, it’s remarkable how many bikes are now on the road all winter. This is true of fat bikes, mountain bikes, city commuter bikes, and road bikes. And showing up on all these bikes are various styles of “bar mitts” (also commonly referred to as “Pogies”). They work great unto themselves, allowing the user to cycle comfortably with thin cycling gloves. They also lend themselves to being taken to the next level with the addition of either liquid fuel handwarmers, or, for eBike riders with a convenient USB outlet on their battery pack, USB heating pads.

This video demonstrates some ideas for using both these concepts, and has a look at their potential suitability by discussing a few metrics that are germane to their use within a cyclists commuting or off-duty ecosystem.

0:00 Intro Credits: Images and amazon screen capture (Note title incorrectly lists this as season 3, it is actually season 4.)
0:27 Inserting and placement liquid fuel handwarmers
3:55 Inserting and placement of USB heat pad
06:00 Demonstration, setup on Giant Full-e
08:30 Measuring current draw of one USB pad

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Handwarmers S04E01: Winter Cycling, Using handwarmers and pogies on your bike.
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