Is this the best MTB bike under $200??? | 17'' Sundeal M1 REVIEW!

Today I am taking a look at the Sundeal M1, an MTB bike that costs just under $200. This bike has very sturdy construction and I think it’s a great place to start for beginners and people who want to see if they like MTB.
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Helolo everyone! Today I want to show you all the Sundeal M1. A bike that says its MSRP was
$350 but actually never sells for more than $200. The bike is a 17” and has a 3×7 gear setup.
I have been looking for the best bike under $200 for a month and I literally went through all the listings
on eBay and Amazon. What makes this the best is that it manages to pack all the features an MTB bike needs
for under $200…or $350 if it actually goes for that much.

Some of the proof that this company believes this is a good bike is that they actually list all the components! so I guess you can build this bike yourself if you wanted too. Now, as for the features I was talking about, it has
1. Derailleur hanger
2. Threadless Stem
3. Quick Release Wheels
4. It has a Serviceable Crankset!
5. Disc Brakes on the Front and Rear

This is a Hardtail with front suspension so that is the only thing that is not complete on this.
But some people actually prefer that in certain cases, so that’s not a problem.

AS for sturdy construction… well… I think its pretty good for the price. But what do you think? Just listen to me riding on this bumpy surface……

Now compare that to this $80 bike that I totally destroyed by NOT riding it on the road…

As for the Derailleur, I am not an expert at that yet, but all I can see is that it has Shimano Tourney’s, and it’s actually silent……so I guess that fine.

Basically, I do wheelies, hops, trail runs, and basically everything else. I will try to update you sometime later to let you know how it held up. But overall I think it’s a pretty good bike for the deal or price I have seen it for. Thanks for watching and let me know what you think about this bike. Cya later!

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