Life Lessons: How A Bike Trip In China Taught Me About Success In Life!

Men’s Style Expert and Designer, The WELTHĒ Guy talks about how a bike trip in China taught him a lesson about success in life!

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There are a few lessons in this story:

1. You should be scared of your dreams. If you’re not scared then they aren’t big enough!
2. You have to do what others aren’t willing to do to reach success. Only 5 people out of 20 committed to going on the trip and those 5 people made it to the top of the mountain.
3. Just when you think that you can’t go on anymore, someone will see your efforts and help you. Although we had to pay the driver to take us to the village, it was well worth it!
4. Life is a journey with ups and downs and as long as you stay the course, you will find the success you seek.

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Life Lessons: How A Bike Trip In China Taught Me About Success In Life!
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