Lovett Industries Michael Blast "Greaser" Electric Bike/Bicycle/E-Bike Video Review Vintage modern

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The Michael Blast brand evolved through a group of friends from distant parts of the globe, joining forces to create a truly unique and affordable range of vintage inspired electric bicycles

Our #LifeStyle range has been heavily inspired by some of history’s timeless masterpieces… the classic 1920s board tracker. ..the 1970s Yamaha Chappy… and countless more

Our multicultural team stretches from our roots here in Australia through to France, USA, Canada and Hungary

It’s safe to say we had an absolute blast creating our new #LifeStyle range of electric bicycles. Together our aim was to use our cultural diversity to really bring out the best in our unique designs

We wanted to push the boundaries and go beyond the stereotypical retro/vintage styles and really showcase a diverse range of high quality products that looked funky and fresh but also channeled our riders cool free spirit

All around the world we interpret retro, vintage, cool and hipster in so many different ways and as a team this knowledge really inspired us to not only envision our final products but really think about our customers and their unique individuality as they are riding

To be different is a beautiful thing, and we are proud to embrace this throughout our entire Michael Blast range 

It doesn’t matter whether you are chasing the waves on 
Australia’s Sunny Coast, cruising the big city lights of Toronto, or exploring all that Italy has to offer, whatever your #Lifestyle, Michael Blast has got you covered


~Michael Blast

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