Magic Pie 48v "Diamondback Recoil" off road stress test.

Took my Ebike off road. Not the best video of an off road ride, but shows how the steel front forks of the Diamondback Recoil bike with Magic Pie electric motor handles in pretty harsh conditions.

I on the other hand nearly hit a tree, the later and flip the bike and land on my ass around a sharp sandy corner when I put my foot down. This was awesome fun. Like a minature cross country motor cross run. I had no idea where i was going on the trail and the corners were hair pin tight..

HAHAHA I Love it. Recharging the bike off the solar system now and going to a video tomorrow with a higher view over the handle bars.

Created By Random Man

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Magic Pie 48v "Diamondback Recoil" off road stress test.
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