MOAB, UTAH Porcupine Rim Mountain Bike Trail

MOAB, UTAH Porcupine Rime Mountain Bike Trail The Porcupine Rim Trail starts 7 miles east from the Entrance Station. This is called the west Porcupine Rim entrance. The first 8.6 miles of the trail are open to bikes and motorized vehicles. After this point the trail departs from the dirt road and becomes a single track suitable only for mountain biking and hiking. No e-bikes here. The trail is rated a difficult. It includes a 3-mile, 900-foot ascent from the trailhead to Porcupine Rim and then an 11-mile, 2,800-foot descent to the Colorado River. One of the great attractions of the trail is the stunning view it offers of Castle Valley from the top of the Rim.

Ridden from the trailhead, Porcupine Rim Trail is 14.4 miles to Highway 128 or 20.4 miles to Moab. If ridden as a loop, the entire ride is 30.8 miles with an elevation gain of 3,000 feet. Shuttle services in Moab can provide transportation to the trailhead.

The higher entry point to the Porcupine Rim is 11 miles past the Entrance Station and called LPS or Lower Porcupine Single-track. Motorized vehicles including e-bikes are not permitted here.

The trail is marked with brown flexible posts, cairns, and occasional symbols painted on rock. Normal riding season for the trail is from late March through late October. Due to the high elevation of the rim, snow, rain or cold temperatures may occur during early spring and late fall. The single track section is extremely technical and exposed in many places. This section may require dismounting and walking Trailhead facilities include an information board, vault toilet, trail register and limited parking. The water in the stock tanks at the trailhead is not potable.There are numerous spur routes off the main trail, most of which are indicated on the main map. Many of these are dead-ends. Follow the main trail on the map to avoid getting lost. I did!