Mountain Biking at Smithville Lake (Part One)

Recorded on GoPro Hero 5 Session
Bike is a Liv (Giant) Tempt 4 with Chester peddles
Helmet is a Leatt DBX 2, gloves are Thor Spectrum S8
Bike, helmet, gloves, peddles, etc all bought from Let’s Ride Bicycles / Motorcycle Closeouts in Smithville ( )
I haul my bike with a Saris Sentinel strapped to my 1986 (E28) BMW 535i. Only rack that would fit on the car.

I’m a novice rider based just outside Kansas City, MO. Started on dirtbikes at age three, and moved to street bikes at fifteen. I came to the conclusion that I needed to change some habits while I was still young and it came down to needing to either stop drinking so much beer or get some cardio in. So now I have a mountain bike. I’ve only been mountain biking a couple months and while there’s a lot of overlap, there are several things I’m finding are different from motorcycles and I’m making lots of mistakes.
I started recording so I can review the footage later and see where I’m losing momentum to try to get better, but I know some people like to watch these kids of videos as a sort of ASMR or meditation, and hey, maybe it’ll be popular enough to monetize my videos and let Google buy me a new bike. That said, I don’t have enough page traffic to actually start monetizing. Subscribing and sharing the video helps immensely with that.
I’m saving up for a Giant Anthem 2 or a Liv Pique 2.

This week’s riding entertainment was brought to you by the “Affirmative Murder” podcast, and “The Story Must Be Told” podcast.

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Created By Bjerken Badger