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We at Yatri care deeply about the environment we live in, and believe that clean individual mobility is an important piece in solving the problem of urban air pollution.

With a design philosophy of Elegance in Motion, Project Zero inherits the proportions of a cafe racer and upgrades it with clean, modern design lines.

Through this elegant design, we aim to reach not only the environmentalists but ultimately those who care about owning an inspiring product.

30 kW | 230 km | 2 hr
No more compromises when switching to electric. A lot about owning a motorcycle has to do with the freedom to travel great distances at speed. Project Zero offers you just that with its powerful motor and capacious battery. And when you do run out of charge, Project Zero’s onboardi charger connects to a standard wall outlet to fully charge the battery in just 2 hours (that’s 100 km of range in a lunch break!).

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