New stylist 2018 Electric Bike EX1 Explorer electric

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2018 New upcoming Electric bike The EX1 Explorer electric aim for take it anywhere , folds in a split-second, ride up to 37 miles and has able to track GPS. Its an another great invention for travel though light and easy short commute. its so small that you could fold it on a golf bag .

Its will come with 2 battery storage mode : one includes with 25 miles which call standard and another call 37 miles which called upgraded version .

The manufacture company announced that it will take only 4 Hours to Fully charge .

But most attractive feature of its Anti-theft Alarm, immobilizer and remote locking. Its key looks like super stylist car key and your bike could be lock from your mobile apps with real time tracking.

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New stylist 2018 Electric Bike  EX1 Explorer electric
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