origami animal for kids! how to make rabbit/bunny from paper folding for step by step on description

Step by step for make a rabbit origami
1. Use origami paper with size 15 x 15 cm, with two colours side
2. Make a vertical, horizontal, and double diagonal fold, then open
3. Make a half fold on up and bottom, then open
4. Also a half fold on right and left sides, stay it
5. Make a diagonal right dan left fold on bottom sguare, then open
6. Go in, with full triangle folding behind and make a little fold
7. Make tow 45 degres, then makes one side
8. Pull down, and now triangle on up, and make little fold, then make one side
9. Pull up about 60 degres for ear
10. Pull in, then pull again inside paper
11. Orderly fold
12. Make eyes with pencil

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