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Pakistan is an aptitude and ability rich country. Pakistanis are competing and making a name for themselves in every walk of life. Pakistan has also achieved unlimited milestones in research and development and product development. Another recent addition to this list is the development of electric-bicycle by Pakistani engineers. This electric bicycle not only meets international standards but also is an excellent addition in transportation.

This bike is made from high quality material which ensures comfort and durability. Makers claim a difficulty free use for up to 15 years. The bike is introduced in three models

Full electric ( 100 km range)
Pedal assist ( 165 km range)
Manual (unlimited range)
This electric bike is equipped with enough battery cycles, which when charged daily can last up to 15 years. It takes 130 minutes to full charge and45 minutes to 80% charge of the bike. Coming to the speed of the bike, top speed is around 35-40 km/ hour which again depends upon the amount of weight placed. Electricity consumption is estimated to be 0.7 units for a full charge, which costs around PKR 0.2 / km. Total weight of the bike is around 18 kg.

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Pakistani engineers develops an electric bike - Tech Sting
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