Pamporovo in the Summer its the place to be.

come and mopuntain bike in the summer down the mountain trails put together by professionals.
ride past the amazing scenery backdrop that is the mountains and lakes in the Rodope mountains

have a go at climbing the mountains on specially prepared tracks and with every precaution taken to ensure you have a great day climbing and are left to enjoy the beautiful breath taking surroundings.

If you can ride take a horse out for the day and treck across the national park through the woods and meadows and admire the wonderful scenery and nature.

Why not take a jeep adventure up to the top of the mountains
see all the viewing platforms and get some great photos.

You can book any outdoor adventures and excursions through the website

Call or message Mark on 07957847645 for more details on how to book the ski house for the winter or summer.

Created By Mark Jenner