Pisgah Mountain Biking on a Cyclocross bike???

Taking cyclocross bike to a mountain bike party is always fun.
Most people think you are crazy but this is the suffer club so they are probably right.
I was invited to join a group of mountain bikers to ride the “Hella Climbing aka Gotta Love Rocks”

This starts out with a paved, warmup ride of Old US 70 followed by a ton of doubletrack climbing. Then, you’ll experience the Rattlesnake Ridge climb with steep doubletrack. Take a quick break at the top to enjoy the view, then continue your endurance ride by riding part of history, the Old Mitchell Toll Road. Lots of it is covered in river stone, so settle in and get used to riding rocks. Nothing super-technical, but just rocks for a ways.

You’ll summit at the top of the famed Heartbreak Ridge which begins as a technical, steep downhill. You’ll be grinning from ear to ear all the way down Heartbreak Ridge and then Star Gap. You’ll finish your ride with an easy, cool-down paved ride of Mill Creek road back to your start.

It was one of the most physically demanding rides I have ever been apart of.
I hope you enjoy.

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