Progold Prolink Extreme Bike Chain Lube Review (FOR EPIC RIDES! Lol)

Check out Progold Prolink Extreme bike chain lube on Amazon here:

Squirt is my first choice of lube for bike chains but when you don’t have any, none of the LBS’ sell it, you’re not near the Bike Saviours co-op who has it, and you’re on a 64-mile ride with a dry chain you take what you can get.

I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and it does the job but needs frequent re-application. Every 40-50 miles it gets noisy again. Part of that could be the low-quality KMC chain that I’m using but more likely it’s the very thin lubricant disappearing from heat and motion.

If you want to try Squirt (the king of lubes!) ►

Created By Casey Strouse