Riding a mini Whistler on the new bike- Riding SFU with WestCoastFreerider

Today Matteo and I venture up to SFU (Simon Fraser University) to ride the mountain biking trails there. At SFU we rode gear jammer and Nicholes mountain biking trails. Those were awesome flowy and techy trails at SFU. Nicholes is rated at a black diamond but I think that it’s more of a blue trail, techy and flowy. Simon Fraser University also has dirt jumps that we rode, these dirt jumps are really well made and maintained. SFU is kinda like a mini whistler, shops, restaurants, dirt jumps and mountain biking trails. We also went to a few other locations and rode some drops, jump lines and rock rollers.

Thank you guys very much for watching, this has been
MurphdogMTB, see ya later.

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