Riding Eagle Mountain, Port Moody BC- Manhandler, Juan Valdez, Three little pigs.

Today we went on a new adventure and rode eagle mountain. The trails we rode where, Juan Valdez, Manhandler and three little pigs. Three little pigs at eagle mountain is a very fun, fast flowy trail. While manhandler is a more tech trail but with some fun techs flow. Eagle mountain is located in Port Moody British Columbia Canada and is sometimes known as Port Moody Mountain.I quite like eagle mountain and want to go back there and ride there more often. It has a ton of stunts that I didn’t hit because it was raining and sick variety or trails ranging from tech to jumps to flow. Its a must ride if you live near it or in the lower mainland area.
#Eaglemountain #PortMoodymtbtrail #portmoody
Thank you guys very much for watching, this has been
MurphdogMTB, see ya later.

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