Riding The Alban Way in 3½ minutes

A folding bike ride from Hatfield Station to St Albans in Hertfordshire along Sustrans National Cycle Network Route 61 The Alban Way, ridden in November 2016 on the way to the Cyclenation conference.

4x speed, no sound (Music: Cycles by Audionautix). 20 minutes in the middle is missing due to file corruption but I think what’s left is enough to give you an idea of this cycle track. It’s a bit narrow through Hatfield, most bridges there seem to be missing and the road crossings are poor, but it widens out once you get past the old Nast Hyde station and then goes under or over most roads until its western end. It seemed quite busy on a Saturday morning and I’m told it’s a fairly popular commuter link to the train stations in each town.

See the video by Tim Jones for the history of the route

See the video by Hertfordshire Cycling for the middle section of the route but they don’t show the poorer end sections.

Created By Klwn Bug