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Shopping for an ebike? Don’t make these mistakes. Paul and Liz share ten tips for buying an ebike. Half of the people we meet in campgrounds bought the wrong bike!

Especially now, if you are shopping for an ebike, you will likely have to buy your electric bicycle online. It would be difficult to say the least to return a bike ordered online– especially if you decide you don’t like it after you assemble it. There are some very important things to look out for when buying an ebike including range, watts, and more.

Fulltime Rvers, Liz Amazing and Paul, share what to look for when choosing an ebike.

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Tips (10 tips plus 3 bonus tips!)

1. Decide road or trail/mountain (where do you want to ride?)
2. Get pedal assist if you want exercise
3. Get throttle-only if you DON’T want exercise
4. Best option: pedal assist AND throttle
5. Know that some places ban ebikes
6. Avoid twist throttle
7. Get enough range
8. If you want to do hills, get 500 watt or more
9. Get a mid-drive motor if you plan to do hills
10. Decide how much you’ll use an ebike
11. Weight of an electric bicycle is an important factor
12. Plan on getting a new bike rack, especially for ebikes
13. Protect your ebike from theft


To figure out range, multiply volts times amp hours, which will give you watt hours. Then compare watt hours to the size of the motor. That will give you an idea of how far you can go.


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Shopping for an Ebike | Buying Tips for an Electric Bike | Fulltime Rv Living
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