Test Lifepo4 battery Cyclone Electric ebike Kits 3000 watt and 6000 watt kit

Cyclone electric bike Kit 3000 Watt and 6000 watt – 6kw kit are tested with 2 lifepo4 batteries 12Ah with 38140 cells at 48 volts each.
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We had changed some requirements in one of our batteries (blue) and tested the other one also with the 3000watt motor and the New Cyclone 6000 watt motor. All went good. We need to show to our clients how to test their Cyclone electric Bike kits and their Lifepo4 batteries, so they can know what came up in case they see something strange.
Most of the Cheap Lifepo4 A123 cells and Lifepo4 Batteries that are on the market right now cannot use with the high discharge rate of the Big Cyclone electric Bike kits.
I am writing below the lowest batteries requirements for using more than 720 watt Cyclone Bike kits: Only the Lipo with more than 10C discharge rate can be used and Lifepo4 batteries with minimum requirements of cells and BMS as:
1. 38120 or 38120S cells with more than 10Ah, BMS with 50A continuous discharge and more than 100A max discharge
2. 38140 or 38140S cells with more than 12Ah , BMS with 50A continuous discharge and more than 100A max discharge
3. 40152 or 40152S cells with more than 15Ah , BMS with 50A continuous discharge and more than 100A max discharge
4. The 6000 watt motor requires at least 38140 cells at 12Ah with BMS 80A continue discharge and 120A max discharge.
Some things that clients should know:
1. All the Electric Motors for bike kits take the bigger amount of A when the motors begin to run at speed 0-20km/h.
2. If the driver needs to have bigger range — distance for his battery the best he can do is to pedal before the motor start to run, -before takes the speed of 10km/h. In that way the range of his battery (that is measured in Ah) will be increased more than 10%.
3. The nicest tool so the driver and user know what the power that he is consuming is the watt meter, voltmeter and Wah. In that way he will always know about the power he needs.
4. The Kelly and Cyclone Controller have a bullet plug. This Bullet Plug takes the +Battery pole but they are not transferring energy to the controller. Thats why it does not require a thick wire.
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