The Fastest eBike for $3600 / Best DIY Electric Bike Available

The price of parts for the base model is $3,600USD and took me 12 days to build. I tried to include shipping and customs in this final price, but for different countries it might vary. It should not be a significant difference, though. I made sure all the suppliers ship globally.

I’m offering a Parts List for this exact build, which contains over 70 parts. You can also purchase my Video Guide that will help with your own build. It includes time-lapses, narration, diagrams and 3D models for printing.

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Some specs:
2,2 kWh battery
13kW peak power
3 power modes
200mm front fork
4 piston brakes
Schlumpf drive – peddling up to 80km/h
Charging time is 90 minutes
Range per charge is 80km (top speed 60km/h, 82kg rider)
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Created By Ladislav Jecminek