Topeak Road Morph G Mini Bike Pump (1.5 Years Later)

In 2017 I bought the Topeak Road Morph G mini bike pump to carry with me as I ride around the city of Phoenix and also on bike tours and made a quick review video with my initial thoughts on the pump (watch the review video here:

Well, it’s been about a year and a half since I bought the pump and I wanted to do a follow up review to let you know how it”s been holding up, if it still works well after all those days in the hot Arizona heat, and whether I still would recommend it as the best bicycle touring pump option. So here it goes…

If you’re interested in buying the Topeak Road Morph G you can buy it from Amazon for about $40:

I also recommend the Topeak Turbo Morph bike pump:

Created By Casey Strouse