Ultimate Wood Burning Cook Stove / No Trace Campfire / B.O.B Stove

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The folding FIREBOX camp stove is simple yet the most versatile, portable, and easy to use no trace campfire and cooking stove on the planet. Don’t be restricted anymore to campsites. Hike, Bike, Run, Jump, and Climb to that favorite wild spot and enjoy hot food or a no trace campfire where ever you want. Use most any camp fuel sources on the market. Have S’mores Downtown on your balcony, the beach with friends, or just the back yard with family. You don’t need a truck anymore for killer tailgate parties. Watch everyone’s face as you munch down on food and clean up faster than anyone there because the FIREBOX˜ is small, fast, and leaves no trace.
This variable output, folding Firebox camp stove works as a portable no trace campfire as well as a super efficient cook stove, it uses multiple camping stove fuels as well as found or gathered fuels such as twigs and sticks, leaves, bark, pine cones or needles, If it’s in nature and it will burn you have a fuel source.
Its versatility, durability and reliability make this compact powerhouse the perfect choice for Emergency Preparedness. in a natural disaster you don’t want to be stuck with a small backpacking stove that is unstable with regular cookware and is made of such thin material that one accident could render it useless or with a cooker that is dependent on a fan, battery or electronics in order to function. Would you rather have a rocket stove that is as large as a five gallon bucket and weighs thirty pounds or a Firebox prepper stove that puts out as much power or more than any rocket stove yet weighs only two pounds and is so compact that it fits into your back pocket.

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