Why Tesla won't save the planet

While driving a Tesla (or any other electric car), you generate 20-50 % less CO2 during the car’s entire life cycle. Pretty cool, right?

Yes, but what is not so cool is that electric car actually pollutes a lot more than a traditional car before and after we use it and is, therefore, not going to save our asses from global warming.

New technologies are destroying the planet because in order to create, maintain and recycle them we need a lot more energy compared to a traditional car. They demand rare metals and they are expensive to recycle. So, we usually don’t recycle them at all.

Then we have the rebound effect. The more efficient and less polluting our cars are (and the less they cost us), the more we use them. So, we end up polluting more rather than less. We are also adding more and more equipment, which means that instead of having our cars weight less than in the past (and therefore be more efficient), the situation is pretty much the same.

Negative impact Tesla and technological solutions have on our planet is not a secret. Why? Because logic tells us that we cannot BUY a solution, it is our buying that got us here in the first place. Instead, we have to rethink our decisions and our needs. In the name of ecology, we can replace certain needs and find a more efficient way of fulfilling those needs we cannot replace.

A bicycle, an e-bike, an e-trike, a tricycle – you choose!

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Why Tesla won't save the planet
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