Woody – An Open Design Bike: How to build it

Speed up video of the entire construction of Woody, the Open Design Wooden Bike.

The project is available for free under CC BY 4.0 license at by Builders Labs.

00:07 Preparing wood for cnc milling
00:33 Cleaning is important! :—)
02:20 Wooden pieces flat and ready to be milled
02:28 Milling frame with 3 axis cnc machine
06:02 Saddle Holder completing
06:14 Breaking the camera is also important :—)
07:04 Steering base completing
07:55 Central movement base completing
09:00 Creating holes in the sitting holder
09:37 Creating holes in the brake base
10:28 Sanding and finishing before giving the protecting varish
10:58 Assemblig
14:05 Riding
15:54 Credits

Created By Builders Labs