Worlds Fastest Top Speed over 100km/h Cyclone 8000 Watt Electric Ebike Kit 72 volt

Powerful Cyclone 8000 Watt Electric Bike Kit 72 Volt Speed Over 100km/h P.1 in Athens, Greece
Cyclone 8000 watt electric e-bike kit with Max speed 104km/h (more than 100km/h) in Athens, Greece, territory-Galatsi and 4 cameras attached for recording this video and with help by cycle Analyst V3
The bicycle is a little heavy around 45kg with 2 batteries, 1 lifepo4 battery pack nominal 48 volt 12Ah with 38140 cells = real 53volts (6.5kg) and a second Lipo battery pack for top speed (in bag on the right side) lower than 72volt = around 70 volts 15Ah (9kg) with lower volume than the 48volt 12Ah lifepo4 battery
See our Top speed of 104km/h on Cyclone 8000 watt electric ebike kit in the end of this video
We are really sorry that cycle analyst V3 did not show the screen results as it should be. A led light was attached on the top of cycle analyst so we can get the best results but this did not help enough. Also it had showed -10% lower top speed (26inch tyres) than the Yamaha XT 660Z Tenere speedometer
Those Cyclone Motor Beasts are silent. That’s why this video has music all the way
Finally i had put a helmet because enough comments were placed for this matter.
See this video in 1080P fullhd 60fps only, video was recorded with Xiaomi Yi cameras
*This video is dedicated to Paco- cyclone-tw
Top Speed over 100km/h at 6000watt is at 2:58 minutes

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Created By george kontopoulos