Y Electric Dream Bike F207 Delivered in this Box

The Y- Electric Bike was Delivered in this Box so you can see the packaging and how the bike arrives when shipped from China to Kiama, NSW. You can see how there is some damage to the box and all over the box there are holes, etc.. The bolt and nut from one side of the box is exposed through a hole. Inside damage appears on the Seat Post in the form of scratches to the metal. The post is also going through the Alloy Spokes which looks like it might cause damage. You can see the Accessories that come with the bike.

Please watch, it is the first of many reviews I will be doing under the YouTube
account ShopTech Australia. This was filmed in HD on my Lumix FT2 (120mb .mts file) and then converted to 720p with a total file size uploaded 87mb. Reviewed by Andrew at ShopTech.com.au on 3 Jan 2012.

Created By ShopTechAustralia