MTB Race Number Plate Wall Installation

A couple of years ago we moved into a house that offered me a finished basement to train and hang-out in so I started to decorate with bike related items that I had saved over the years. I had always kept my race number plates from the various mountain bike races I competed in but didn’t know exactly how to display them until my wife bought this DIGNITET system from Ikea for our daughter to hang art in her bedroom. I thought it might be a cool way to hang my number plates, too.

In one of my more recent product reviews, someone asked me to show how I did it, so here we go. Not that I’m fabulous at product reviews, but I’m probably even worse at how-to videos. BUT, someone asked and I thought it would be interesting to try. 🙂

Here’ the information for buying the hanging system and clips:


The drywall anchors I mentioned are not included in the packaging so you’ll need to purchase those separately. Here’s something similar to what I used:

Created By Joseph Lampen