My new tools for my DIY Items/from japan surplus/thrifty me

Hi! I got new, inexpensive tools (
folding ruler which is a versatile tool ( ₱15), a sewing kit ( ₱25) and pencil(mom) Well, as you noticed on my first video, I used other tools that inappropriate and, I think, you think those are uncomfortable to use especially the long ruler. I started my YouTube channel with those tools which I usually use to create my client’s order Items and those are only the available tools that I found at my store that time.

My mom and I bumped into Japan Surplus and I found the tools interesting and cheap. So I bought them. I’m gonna try the tools for my upcoming orders and videos.

You can check this link where I bought these products

I would love to hear your suggestions, thoughts and opinions. Just comment down below. ^^

Thanks for watching my video!^^
Stay safe and Godbless!^^


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